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All You Should Know About Jerry Curl Hair

All You Should Know About Jerry Curl Hair

Jerry curl hair is bouncy and voluminous hair that was in vogue in the 80s. It was quite popular among African American women. However, this hairstyle is back in trend in recent times. It could be because of its bouncy nature or its glossy look. All we know is that many women are sporting this style. In this article, we will discuss what jerry curls are and how to get one.
jerry curl hair

What is Jerry curl hair?

Sometimes spelled as Jheri curls, this hairstyle is quite common among African American women. This loose, luscious, and glossy style was created by a stylist called Jheri Reddling. Jerry Curl offers a whole lot of benefits to its wearer, and some of them include:

  • The hairstyle is quite natural; this means that the curls blend perfectly with your natural hair. And because of this, it is a versatile style that you can style any way you want on your hair.
  • It adds more volume to your mane. For this reason, if you want to use jerry curl weaves, you will need fewer bundles of weaves to achieve this style.
  • Another benefit of sporting jerry curls hair is that it is low-maintenance. This means that it does not take much effort or time to maintain or care for this hairstyle.

Now you know what jerry curl hair is and its benefits. Let's move on to how to get the Jerry Curl style.
jerry curl weaves with frontal

How to jerry curl hair?

To jerry curl your hair, you need the jerry curl kit. A typical Jerry Curl kit consists of shampoo, conditioner, softener, solution, activator, and rods. Once you have the kit, here is a step-by-step guide on how to jerry curl your hair:

Step 1: Wash your mane

For an effective jerry curl result, you have to get rid of accumulated dirt and sweat. This is where washing comes in. Use a sulfate-free or alcohol-free shampoo to wash your mane to retain natural oil. Make sure you dry your mane after washing it. We recommend that you dry your lock naturally, then comb it.  

Step 2: Section your hair

The next step is to divide your hair into smaller portions. The number of portions depends on how full your mane is. You can hold each section with an elastic hair band or sectioning clip. 

Step 3: Apply softener

Then, you should apply a softener to your mane. This helps loosen your hair strands. Apply it thoroughly to each of the portions on your head, and leave it to sit for a while. The amount of time you will leave it for depends on what is written on the product packaging. If you leave it for longer than the specified time, it could damage your hair.

Step 4: Roll with the rods.

Wash off the softener with lukewarm water and towel dry your hair. Then, starting with each portion, partition it into smaller sections and roll them with rods or rollers. Cover each rod with rod paper to hold the rod in place in your hair. 

Step 5: Spray with permanent wave solution.

After rolling every section of your hair, ensure you spray with a permanent wave solution. Make sure you totally drench your hair with the solution. Then, cover your mane with a shower cap, and let it sit for a while. The product package will specify the time frame. But generally, the time frame is between 15 and 30 minutes. Then rinse out the solution from the hair with lukewarm water.

Step 6: Apply neutralizing solution

The next step is to apply a neutralizing solution to your hair. Do this while the rods/rollers are still on your mane. After applying the solution, let it sit for about five minutes, then wash off the solution with lukewarm water. Use a towel to take out excess moisture from the hair. 

Step 7: Apply activator and finish up your look

The next thing to do is remove the rods from the hair and apply an activator to the formed curls. Saturate the hair with the activator. Apply some Jerry Curls moisturizer to hydrate the hair. Then use a wide-tooth comb to pick out your curls, and you’re done. 

How to care for jerry curl weaves?

Although we have established that Jerry curls need a minimal maintenance routine, it does not mean we shouldn't take care of it. So, here are some tips on how to care for your Jerry curl weave.

Don't over-wash 

Even though washing your Jerry curl wig is crucial, don't go overboard with it. This is because overwashing can rid the weave tresses of their natural oils. And because Jerry curl weaves are quite susceptible to dryness, this can damage the weave.

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your Jerry curl weave

You should avoid products that contain harsh chemicals such as sulfate or alcohol. This is because these chemicals can cause more damage to your weave. So whenever you are looking for products to use, ensure you look out for those that are sulfate-free or alcohol-free.

Deep condition often

The secret to maintaining a lustrous and glossy Jerry curl weave is in deep conditioning. It helps fight off breakage, dryness, and even frizz. So, make sure you do that as often as you can probably once or twice a week. 

Comb with a wide-tooth comb

When you want to comb your Jerry curls, you should use a wide-tooth comb. It will help detangle your weave while keeping the curls intact. On the other hand, you shouldn't comb while wet, this could damage your weave.

Reduce your use of heat tools

We already established that Jerry curl weave is susceptible to dryness. However, using heat tools like a blow dryer will add more frizz to the hair and make it drier. For this reason, avoid using a blow dryer to dry your Jerry curls. If you can stay away from it, you can use a diffuser, which is specially designed for curls. All-in-all, we recommend that you air dry your curls.

Wrap your weave with a silk scarf

To maintain your weave without exposing it to any form of frizz while you sleep, wrap it with a silk scarf. Sleeping without wrapping your Jerry curl weaves can cause friction, which in turn causes frizz. So, ensure you wrap it before you sleep.

Gorgeous hairstyles for jerry curl wigs

jerry curl hairstyles
You now know how to care for Jerry curl weaves, here are some gorgeous hairstyles for Jerry curl wigs:

Face framing braids

After installing your Jerry curl wig, section out a chunk of hair from both sides of your face. Make sure the chunk you section out is not too much so you won't look weird, then braid it down. You will get two braids that are framing your face on both sides. Hence, the name face-framing braids.

High ponytail.

You can get this style by gathering your hair and holding it together with an elastic hair tie. The beautiful thing about this style is that you can use hair ties of any color and design. And this adds to the beauty of your look.

Half up, half down

Once you install your wig, section your hair into two equal (or unequal) halves horizontally. Then you can gather the part at the crown of your head into a ponytail, leaving the other half down.

Match Jerry curl wigs with headband 

This style is quite simple. All you need is to use a headband with it. The color of the headband is according to your preference. However, using one that matches your outfit brings out your look better.

Final thoughts

Now you have the basic knowledge of everything you should know about Jerry curl hair. We are sure the question on your mind now is where to get a Jerry curl bundle. You don't need to stress yourself, you can get your 100% human hair Jerry curl bundle at Ulahair. Not only that, but we also have Jerry curl wigs for those that want to switch up their styles in seconds. What are you still waiting for? Visit Ulahair today for your Jerry curl bundles.

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