Water Wave Hair: All You Should Know
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Water Wave Hair: All You Should Know

Water Wave Hair: All You Should Know

Water wave hair is one of the most sought-after hairstyles in the market. This sleek and voluminous hair comes with a natural curl pattern just like flowing water. But do you know the differences between water wave hair, deep wave hair, and body wave hair? Have you ever felt tangled and didn't know which wave hair to pick?

Just follow and read, and you will have your answer.

What is water wave hair?

As its name implies, water wave hair has a similar texture to the waves on the water surface. Water wave hair creates a great balance between curl hair and wavy hair, it looks tighter than wavy hair but looser than regular curl hair. It looks lustrous, full, and thick. If you desire an elegant and classy look, water wave hair can no doubt add the final touch to level up your look. 
water wave hair

Water wave hair vs. deep wave hair

Deep wave hair has smooth and tight waves. Deep wave hair also looks similar to the texture of flow water. But deep wave hair is a bit neater than water wave hair. what's more, deep wave hair is also one of the tightest wavy hair on the market. If you desire an energetic look, deep wave hair is a good choice.

Compare with water wave hair, deep wave hair looks tighter, neater, and bouncier. But it's effortless to keep the wave pattern of water wave hair.
deep wave hair

Water wave hair vs. body wave hair

Body wave hair comes with a big "S" shape around the entire hair body. It's soft and sleek, comes with a natural luster. This type of wave hair is available to add an elegant touch to your look and boost your charm. 

The water wave hairstyle has a tighter curl pattern than the body wave hair. Water wave hair appears fuller and looks more casual. While body wave hair looks neater and elegant.

body wave hair

Both water wave, deep wave, and body wave look natural on African American women. they all work to add length and volume to your hair look. Determine which wave styles to choose, it depends more on your preference. If you are still not sure which wave style to pick, why not just pick anyone back home. Cause you can change the texture with styling tools by yourself at home.

How to take care of water wave hair?

Tip 1: Regularly washing. Pick a mild shampoo and hair conditioner for wig cleaning. Wash your wig at least every two weeks to remove dust and sweat thoroughly.

Tip 2: Avoid over-styling your wig with heat and harsh treatments. Let your water wave wig air dry after washing. If you are in a hurry, blow it dry with the lowest heat setting.

Tip 3: Store your wig on a wig stand or a mannequin head.

Tip 4: Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the wig regularly.

Tip 5: Apply a small amount of natural hair oil to moisturize your water wave wig and maintain its natural luster.

Where to buy water wave hair?

Explore high-quality human hair weaves and human hair wigs at Ula Hair. All our human hair is soft and sleek. Welcome to choose from different textures: water wave hairdeep wave hairbody wave hairsilk straight hair, kinky straight hair, kinky curl hair, loose wave hair, etc.

Water wave hair FAQs:

Q: Can water wave hair be straightened?

A: Sure. The water wave hair can be easily straightened or curled as your desire. 

Q: Can you wet water wave hair?

A: Of course, no problem.

Q: What kind of water wave hair is the best?

Water wave virgin hair is the best quality human hair on the market. This type of hair is smooth, soft, and bouncy in texture, and can last for at least more than 1 year with proper care. 


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