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Hot Fusion Vs. Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot Fusion Vs. Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are of various types and have different methods of installation. One popular type of hair extension that many people are familiar with is the weft extension. And this can be attached through sewing, beads, and so on. However, there is a new type of hair extension out there, and it is called fusion hair extensions. These extensions come with small strands instead of a long weft. Thus, they can be installed individually on the hair. Fusion hair extensions are of two types: hot fusion hair and cold fusion hair. This article will identify the pros and cons of each type of fusion extension. Besides, we will help you figure out which one is better for you.
hot fusion hair vs cold fusion hair

What is hot fusion hair?

Hot fusion hair is strands that are attached to a U-shaped tip. This tip is coated with a keratin bond. To install hot fusion hair, your stylist will section out a part of your hair. Then they will use Velcro tape or a sectioning clip to secure the remaining parts. After that, they will place the hot fusion hair beneath your natural hair and heat the keratin with a fusion tool. Then, your stylist will roll the now-heated hair into your natural hair to glue them together.

What is cold fusion hair?

Cold fusion hair (also known as microlink or I-tip extensions) is composed of strands attached to a small nail-like tip. It is also installed individually, just like hot fusion hair. However, instead of using heat, stylists use microbeads to install them. Your stylist sections out a part of your hair and weaves it a bit. Then thread a microbead through your mane and slide it down close to the root. After that, they will insert the i-tip into the bead and clamp it down with a plier.
microlink extensions

Pros and cons of hot fusion hair

Hot fusion hair has great features that make it popular in the beauty world. However, there are some things you should consider about them as well. In this section, we will go through the pros and cons of hot fusion hair.


  • They are safe for the scalp.

One of the benefits of hot fusion hair extensions is that they are safe for both the hair and the scalp. The hair contains about 90% protein (keratin). And since the bond used for its installation is also a keratin bond, it is quite safe for the scalp.

  • Works for all hair type

Another reason why you should consider hot fusion hair is that it works for all hair types. For instance, you can use it for thin hair, and it won't add tension to it. It does not matter whether your hair is curly, straight, or dense, hot fusion hair is suitable for it all.

  • Versatile styling options

You can create any hairstyle when you install the hot fusion extension. This is because the extension is well hidden in your natural hair. So, whether you pack your hair in a ponytail, or you braid it, the extension will not be visible.

  • Durability

Another benefit of hot fusion hair is its durability. With regular reapplication, this extension can last up to 12 to 15 months.


  • The installation process might take a while

One of the disadvantages of hot fusion hair is that the installation process might take a while. The timeframe could last up to four hours. This does not make it suitable for those with a busy schedule.

  • It is not DIY-friendly

Another disadvantage is that they are not DIY-friendly. This means that you can't install them yourself. So, you will need to visit a professional to install hot fusion extensions for you.

  • Require proper maintenance procedure

Hot fusion hair requires proper maintenance procedures. You must not use hot tools close to the keratin bond so it doesn't loosen. You must not rub too hard while washing and brushing, among many other maintenance tips. This makes it a high-maintenance hair extension.

hot fusion hair

Pros and cons of cold fusion hair

Many people prefer cold fusion hair extensions over other types of extensions for various reasons. However, there are some drawbacks to it as well. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of cold fusion extensions.


  • Gentle on the scalp

People prefer microlink extensions because they are gentle on the scalp. You do not need heat to install, so your mane is not exposed to the risk of heat damage.

  • Suitable for all hair types

Cold fusion extensions are also suitable for all hair types. Whether your hair is thick, thin, straight, or curly, microlink works for all hair types. 

  • It is DIY-friendly

Another great feature of cold fusion hair extensions is that it is DIY-friendly. This means that you can install it yourself. All you need are i-tips, microbeads, and pliers.


  • Requires high maintenance

For cold fusion extensions, the maintenance routine is time-consuming. You must not tug the hair too hard while washing or brushing so you don't forcefully pull the microbeads.

  • The installation process is not beginner friendly.

Another disadvantage of Microlink is that their installation process is not beginner friendly. You need some experience before you can install it yourself. If not, make sure you visit a salon so they can help you install it properly. Improper installation might result in hair breakage.

Hot fusion vs. cold fusion hair, which is better for you?

Now to the reason why you are here. Hot fusion vs. cold fusion hair, which is better for you? Well, there is no one-size fits all answer to this question. But if you have a sensitive scalp, you should consider opting for cold fusion hair. If you want to be able to style your hair in various ways, both hot and cold fusion hair extensions offer you that. Your choice depends on your hair needs and preferences.

Final thoughts

We hope you now fully understand the similarities and differences between hot and cold fusion hair. And for those that are skeptical about which option is superior, we believe this article has helped you figure it out. In case you are wondering where you can get both hot and cold fusion hair extensions, Ulahair is your best bet. All our products are 100% human hair which makes them feel and look like real hair. This improves its durability. Thus, you will never regret purchasing your fusion hair extensions from Ulahair.


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